We seek out film and television projects that are high-quality and have strong market appeal. Our goal is to create entertainment projects that are visually stunning and creatively inspiring.

About Our Team

Lee Baker

Founder, CEO, Screenwriter, Author Lee is the author of the critically acclaimed novel Speed of Light and penned the illustrated books Humbug, A Christmas Carol and Beau and the Beanstalk. He has also written many screenplays and is currently working on Stan Lee’s Legion of 5. He is also very humble and does not feel the need to brag about his incredible, amazing and unmatched writing skills. IMDB

Bob Lloyd

VFX Supervisor Bob has worked on some of the most incredible films and television shows like 24, Live Free or Die Hard and Mission Impossible III and he has even won an Emmy. When the director is desperate and needs to have the shot set up perfectly, Bob is the one to have on set. His professionalism will calm tensions and if needed he can pick up his computer and create effects on the spot. IMDB

Steven Nia

Producer. Steven brings many years experience and expertise in VFX, production, film finance, distribution, creation and development of shows and events. His shows have aired on PBS, CBS and NBC. He is a talented producer and is currently leading the way for the production of many films on the Wardour/Paralight Film slate and Steven is the key to opening our films in worldwide markets. IMDB

Stephen Sobisky

Producer, VFX Supervisor Stephen was lighting and effects supervisor for Shrek and modeling producer for Antz. He has worked on over sixty films and over a dozen television shows in his career and has a toy collection fit for the spoiled child of a king. His dedication to perfection has kept Sandman Studios the Visual Effects and Animation company of choice for many studios and filmmakers. IMDB

April Frampton

Director of PR and Marketing April is our in-house rock star and spokesperson. She is also the watchdog and protects each of us with such passion that we don’t even dare to cross her. Her talents in arranging PR and Marketing efforts have made our work with Rock the Read successful and she can get any audience to stand and roar. IMDB

Angelina Leo

Producer. Besides acting in movies and TV series, Angelina performs in several Hollywood theaters. She is the model for multi-million high-tech companies both in China and USA and focuses on motion picture productions. Angelina is currently producing several Wardour/Paralight films and is key in arranging for funding of our projects. IMDB

Dan Katzman

Head of Physical Production / Producer Dano does it all. He has been 1st Assistant Director on more films that any of us know how to count and is known for getting things done on time and on budget. He is producer on several upcoming films and his participation as part of our team is essential. Without him on our side we would all quit. IMDB

Christian Perry

Lead VFX Artist Christian’s talents amaze even the unamazable (if that is a word). He sits in an office that looks more like a space ship than an Japanese spa but has elements of both. No one in this world has more monitor screens in front of him at any one time. His work is what makes us and every project we work on look amazing. IMDB

Stien Davis

Stien has extensive experience in development of screenplays as well as production and post production. His skills also extend to programming and interactive multimedia. Stien is the director of our online interactive marketing and is comfortable leading a team of any size on any project. IMDB

Board of Advisors

Lee Baker, Co-Chairman

Lee Baker – Co-Chairman

Mr. Baker has completed numerous projects for top clients such as Disney, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, Discover Channel, History Channel, Electronic Arts, ABC, Paramount, Walden Media, Nickelodeon Movies, Universal Television, NBC, CBS, Encore, TNT, Twentieth Century Fox and others. Feature film & Television projects have included: Race to Witch Mountain, Pushing Daisies, Trauma, A Gifted Man, Grimm, Jamaa, The Cell 2, The Closer, iZombie and many others. Mr. Baker is the author of the illustrated books Humbug, A Christmas Carol and Beau and the Beanstalk and the critically acclaimed novel Speed of Light.

Bill Ince - Financial

William Ince – Wealth Management

Mr. Ince has been the key to Paralight Films accounting and financial practices. He is a Wealth Management Advisor with Northwestern Mutual and is experienced in finance and accounting. Bill also recently won the election for a seat on the Centerville City Council. His background in finance has been a integral part of the functioning and financial position of Paralight Films.

Stephen Sobisky - Co-Chairman

Stephen Sobisky – Co-Chairman

Mr. Sobisky’s feature film & television projects have included: iZombie, Race To Witch Mountain, Pushing Daisies,  The Cusp, The Game Plan, Lovewrecked, Shrek, Antz, Small Soldiers, Godzilla, Titanic, X-Files the Movie, From Dusk Til Dawn, Joe’s Apartment, Air Force One, Junior, Spawn, Batman and Robin, Batman Returns, Starship Troopers, George of the Jungle, Arrival, Independence Day, Eraser, Star Trek Insurrection, Executive Decision, Broken Arrow, Dante’s Peak, You’ve Got Mail, True Lies, Scooby Doo 2, Mission Impossible 1&2, Evolution, Artificial Intelligence A.I., Bagger Vance, The Mexican, and others.

Ed King - Domestic Finance

Edmund C. King – Domestic Finance

Mr. King currently serves as the CFO of a leading manufacturer and marketer of proprietary safety systems and has served for the past 10 years as General Partner of an investment banking and financial consulting partnership that has arranged over $1 billion in financings, and on the Board of Directors of LTC Properties, Inc., an NYSE real estate investment trust. Previously, he served as a Senior Partner at Ernst & Young during his 30 year career as an advisor to leading companies in various industries. He also brings extensive contacts in a variety of targeted corporate clients to the Company.

Stephen Sobisky - Co-Chairman

Nagaraj Sharma – International Finance

Mr. Sharma will be overseeing the operations, outside USA, of executing the projects to adhere to International standards of Quality. He has more than 50 years in the IT Industry (with last 16 years in Animation Business) having Worked with IBM World Trade Corporation, Mumbai (Systems and Sales), Larsen &Toubro and other major IT companies in India. Mr. Sharma promoted his own IT corporation in 1996 and has successfully executed special effects work for a Fantasy Hollywood Movie and 52 episodes for National Geographic from Chennai. His educational background is in Pure Maths, Applied Maths & Physics. He received his M.B.A. at Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta- 1967-69 and attended one year Post Graduate Diploma in Management Accounting (Mumbai Univ.) and was an Actuarial Student of Institute of Actuaries, London.

James Baker - Legal

James R. Baker – Legal Affairs

Mr. Baker is lead legal counsel for Paralight Films and has practiced law since 1977. He studied at York University in Toronto, Canada, then finished his B.S. in Political Science at the Brigham Young University in 1974 and completed his law degree from Brigham Young University Law School in 1977. Following this he attended Hebrew University Law School in Jerusalem in a post-graduate program. James Baker is a member of the Utah State Bar, admitted to practice before the Utah State Courts, the Federal Courts and the Tax Court.